PowerShell WebAccess, Web-Based Windows PowerShell Console

PowerShell WebAccess, Web-Based Windows PowerShell Console
Hey Guys, Today i was able to set up and run PowerShell WebAccess, Its an awesome way to access PowerShell console via a webpage

Some Info on Where and When to use PowerShell Web Access

Windows PowerShell commands and scripts can be run from a Windows PowerShell console in a web browser, with no Windows PowerShell, remote management software, or browser plug-in installation necessary on the client device.

All that is required to run the web-based Windows PowerShell console is a properly-configured Windows PowerShell Web Access gateway, and a client device browser that supports JavaScript® and accepts cookies.

Examples of client devices include laptops, tablet computers, web kiosks, computers that are not running a Windows-based operating system, and cell phone browsers.

IT Pros can perform critical management tasks on remote Windows-based servers from devices that have access to an Internet connection and a web browser.

Users can access a Windows PowerShell console by using a web browser. When users open the secured Windows PowerShell Web Access website, they can run a web-based Windows PowerShell console after successful authentication.

Here are the steps which i followed to test out PSWA.

Install Windows PowerShell Web Access


Once we install PowerShellWeb-Access we need to start to configure it

Configure Windows PowerShell Web Access

We will configure Windows PowerShell Web Access by installing the web application and configuring a predefined gateway rule

Now i created just a test certificate and a SSL Binding using that certificate for testing purpose


Now i set the authorization rule on who all can have rights for powershell web access, for my test environment i gave it as * means all have access


Now if i do a Get-PswaAuthorizationRule, i can see the list of users having access to PSWA


Cool Now PowerShell Web Access is set up, next i tried to access the PSWA page via webbrowser


You would receive this error because you are using a test certificate that cannot be validated, click on continue to this website (not recommended)



Now I entered in the user name and password to connect to
a remote computer which also accepts IP Addresses ( specified it in computer
name block) and voila i was logged into the remote console of the server
I ran a hostname command  $psversiontable andl also queried wmi for thw
operating system installed on my remote system and it indeed showed me that i
was logged into the correct host and also it had powershell v2 installed.
I also wanted to share one more screen along with that which is for “inactive session timeout” which auto logged off my session when i was inactive for a certain period of time.
So Guys let me show you the real world example of PowerShell WebAccess, Yes!! Here’s the console when I accessed it from my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 p3100, wohooo J now that’s superb!! Stuff!!
 PowerShell Webaccess is going to be one of the awesome feature for Windows Server to come
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