Unblock Files Using PowerShell v3 “Unblock-File” cmdlet

Unblock Files Using PowerShell v3 “Unblock-File” cmdlet
You might have encountered some situations like when we download a file from the internet we would not able to run it until we unblock that file in its downloaded file properties.Here’s an example of a file I downloaded from internet, even though I  have my PowerShell Sessions Execution policy set to “Remote Signed” it would still fail to load the script and I would need to manually access the file properties and unblock that file.

Now PowerShell V3 offers us a new cmdlet to tackle these situations with a new cmdlet called as  “Unblock-File”

It Helps in unblocking files which are downloaded from internet.

By default, these files are blocked to protect the computer from untrusted files which might contain spyware etc.

Internally, the Unblock-File cmdlet removes the Zone.Identifier property to indicate that it was downloaded from the Internet.

Now let me get details regarding the file with identified stream as “Zone.Identifier”


Now let me Unblock the file using Unblock-File and rerun Get-Item with stream property.


So above we can see that the stream property returned in an error, we can suppress the error by setting ea=silentlycontinue

Now if i again go and check the properties of the file i do see that its unlocked

I can further automate unblocking of all files present in my c:downloads directory by use powershell pipelining


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