Setting Default Parameters using $PSDefaultParameterValues in PowerShell V3

Setting Default Parameters using $PSDefaultParameterValues in PowerShell V3
There are some situations when we would be using some common parameters throughout a script.

So Lets take an example of sending mail using send mail, now there would be a set of parameters which would be common like my SMTPServer, Port, From, UserSSL and Credentials.
Let me send email from my windows live account to my gmail account
So if i would like to do it the traditional way i could do something like


Now if we are using this Cmdlet again and again in a script, i can avoid all this copy paste by using  $PSDefaultParameterValues.

With $PSDefaultParameterValues we can specify a HashTable for all these default values using a set of key-value pairs, Keys are the command names and the parameter names and the values consists of the value which needs to be bound to that parameter.
So now anytime in my script execution powershell encounters send-mailmessage it binds the values already present in the hash table
So now if i do a send email its gonna grab the values from the hash table
I can also use wild cards and specify “*-MailMessage:From”, also maybe a “*From” so that any cmdlet which has any of these parameter’s would use the parameters bound in  $PSDefaultParameterValues

so it would look something like below 


 PSDefaultParamaterValues can be disabled by just a one command as below.

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